Sunday, 7 February 2016

Legoland - Full of family fun and happy memories

Why we love LEGOLAND Windsor

There isn't one week that goes by where my two boys don't either ask about going to LEGOLAND or I hear them talking between themselves about LEGOLAND.  I then also have the battle of LEGO pieces turning up in shoes and the washing machine.  It's pretty safe to say - our boys are huge fans!  To be honest, I love going to LEGOLAND Windsor and playing LEGO with the boys. I've come to see it as my guilt-free pleasure!

We often talk about our most favourite days out or things to do and in unison we all mention LEGOLAND. I asked the boys "why" and their responses were "It is so much fun, I want to live there".

I can't argue with that logic!

I always use LEGOLAND as my hook for the boys doing well at school.  It's their treat for working hard throughout the year, getting good reports and where they (and I) can have a totally fun day, without any restrictions.  This then gives us lots to talk about during the year when we reminisce and build ourselves up to go again.

There is so much to do at LEGOLAND, one day is not enough to see everything and experience everything. There are rides suitable for young and old, and sights and experiences for all the family to enjoy:
  • 4D movie - each year we have been there has been a new movie and each year the movie gets better and better. You will be surprised, you will giggle and you will feel, see and smell things all in the comfort of your chair! It's loads of fun.
  • StarWars Death Star display - if you have had your head in a blanket for months you would have heard the muffles of people raving about the new Star Wars film. This display will be amazing and I know, my children would be very excited to see this display (I'm sure some adults would be too!)
  • DUPLO valley - this is a great place to head to when it's warm and you can let your little ones run in amongst the water park.  The smiles and screams are all worth it. Adults will love it it's a place you can sit and watch your little one go wild!
  • Miniland - this is a great place to start or end your LEGOLAND visit. It is absolutely amazing. Miniland is made up of famous landmarks from across USA and Europe - all created using Lego.  The detail is mind-blowing!
  • Laser Raiders - our family favourite.  This is one ride where we play together as a family and try and to compete against each other.  I absolutely love it. It's my personal favourite (I try my hardest to win!)
After I found out about the LEGOLAND Ambassador scheme I asked the boys to think about their favourite ride or experience at LEGOLAND Windsor.  I then asked them to create it out of LEGO!  This kept them entertained for a while!  Here are their creations, can you guess the what they are?

Scarab-Bouncers (see the real one here)
Laser Raiders (see the real one here)






LEGOLAND is the perfect family fun day. It is like watching a blockbuster movie. You go through all the emotions; excitement, happiness, anticipation. It takes you on rollercoaster highs and then, at the end, as you leave the park, you feel sad that you don't want the day to end - all the best movies make you feel the same.  It's a winning formula! And also a great excuse to take advantage of the Lego Hotel and stay another day!! 

Here's a little poem I created which shows how much we love LEGOLAND Windsor Resort:

Could it get any more perfect than this?

The tickets are bought and we can't wait; soon our journey starts;
We've been there before, but no matter how many times, its joy and excitement which fills our hearts.
We wake up beaming, everyone is excited, happy with smiles all over our faces;
We rush to get ready, pack the car, put on our coats and do up our laces. 
We try to plan our visit, make the most of the day;
We can't wait until we get through the gates and start to play.
What will we do first, 4D movie or the Vikings River Splash
We better hurry up or the day will be over in a flash!
You may be surprised with the queues - they are actually quite fun;
There are little quests and LEGO pits to stop a tantrum.
There are plenty of places to get a bite to eat;
Pizza, pasta, chicken, ribs - all with comfy chairs, so take a seat!
We run and skip and jump to our next ride
What will it be, who will decide?
Our day is filled with laughter, wonderful memories and lots of fun;
Hands up who wants to go again, anyone?
By Nel Cabral

I would be absolutely honoured and delighted to be a LEGOLAND Ambassador and feature LEGOLAND on my blog.  My boys (including my husband!) would be so thrilled too, it would be make our year. Fingers crossed!

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Mr Popper's Penguins, Rose Theatre - Review

Now that we are in the colder months, it's quite easy to stay indoors, cosying up on the sofa with the kids and watch movies.

We love watching movies, but I'm a great believer in getting out and experiencing new types of entertainment.  When we heard that Mr Popper's Penguins production was at The Rose Theatre in Kingston, we had to go and see it.

We sat eagerly waiting for the show to start. The kids were excited and so was I. The lights dimmed and out came the performers. There were four members of the cast, Mr Popper and Mrs Popper and then two puppeteers. 
The production was enthralling, captivating and the songs were really amazing.  Original songs, which were amusing and very catchy. There were giggles throughout the whole show.
The production was enthralling, captivating and the songs were really amazing.  Original songs, which were amusing and very catchy and the singers voices couldn't be faulted. There were giggles throughout the whole show.

Now on to the stars of the show, the penguins!. These lovely little puppets were cheeky, lovable, energetic and really came alive during the performance.  There was the mum and dad penguin and 8 baby penguins (who grew up during the course of the show).
The penguins were obviously being controlled by the puppeteers, but this became invisible as we were drawn into the story and the lives of Mr Popper and Mrs Popper and their 'children'.
The whole production was very family friendly. Warming songs, a lovely story, amazing actor and voices.  It was a simple stage production, but simple is sometimes pure greatness. The penguins behaved themselves (well nearly!), the actors drew the audience into this olden day world with ease.
It's not very often that we can watch something as family which is totally family friendly and where I don't have to worry or anticipate anything which may be deemed inappropriate to my two boys.  This was a great family experience.
So your little ones don't miss out, there are plenty of souvenir penguins to purchase on the way out of the theatre, be prepared! 
Disclaimer:  we were invited to review this performance.  All views and opinions are my own.




Monday, 11 January 2016

Teletubbies toys range - revealed!

You may all remember that I've been 'casually' (!) mentioning the new Teletubbies toy range and I'm delighted to reveal to you the amazing range of toys now available.

We saw the amazing Teletubbies many years ago. The four brightly coloured Teletubbies aliens called Tinky Winky (purple), Dipsy (green), Laa-Laa (yellow) and Po (red).

The show stopped being shown on our screens in 2001 but last year, in 2015, they brought back a brand new series which is just as great as the original. 

The series is based around the four main colourful characters living in Tellytubbyland and their little friendly characters Noo-Noo and the Voice Trumpets. In each episode the Tellytubbies interact with all their friends in different ways, teaching the young viewers various life lessons.

We were so excited to be receiving our fabulous Tellytubbies box, filled with the new range of toys.

We couldn't open this box until reveal day, so we had to wait patiently. It was so hard, as we were so excited.

When we could open the box, we were met with the colourful contents.  How fitting for the Tellbytubbies!

There were a number of brightly coloured tissue paper parcels.  We excitedly pulled the wrapping off and there was a range of beautifully packaged and designed plush toys and collectable figures from the Tellytubby range.

The box contained 1 Tinky Winky collectable figure, 1 Noo-Noo train and 1 four figure family pack.

I also received a small Dipsy plush toy and a small Laa-Laa plush toy.  They are so soft and cuddly.

The final toy in the pack was the talking Po soft toy. We didn't actually realised it was a talking Po until my little one gave it a big hug and Po started giggling.  My little one can't stop hugging it now, and also sleeps with it!

All the range is suitable for +18 months.

The plastic packs are really well designed and the contents won't get damaged whilst in them, which is great if you are buying them as a present for a toddler and need to post it. On the reverse it illustrates what other collectables goes with that range and the larger playset.

The Four-figure family pack is a lovely little set.  It's RRP is £9.99.  Which is a great price for this well made toy.  The features on each toy are very natural and look exactly like the familiar faces we see on TV.

The toys are around 5cm tall and are well made and easy for little hands to play with.

They have the loveable features of the four characters and children will easily recognise them.

The Tinky Winky Toy and Noo-noo are exactly the same as the characters on TV too.

Tinky Winky collectable RRP £3.99

Noo-noo collectable RRP £3.99

We received the three soft toys (Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po). They are lovely and soft and great for little ones to use whilst travelling or role playing.

My little one absolutely fell in love with his talking Po. We first didn't realise Po could talk until my DC decided to give him a big hug and Po giggled and laughed back.  My DC was hooked from that second on!

Po is lovely and soft and when you press his grey tummy 'he' says a few phrases (when I say 'say' you know it's all in Tellytubbies speak, but the kids all understand what they are saying straight away!). Po is around 40cm tall and is very cuddly.  My DC even sleeps with him.

Dipsy plush toy collectable RRP £6.99

Laa-Laa plush toy collectable RRP £6.99

Po Talking soft toy RRP £9.99
Lunch with Po!

There are lots more ranges available and you can view them on the Character website

Children of all ages will remember the Tellytubbies fondly and now the younger generation will get to experience them on a whole new level with the new toy range.
They are simply adorable.

Disclaimer:  I was sent these toys to review and to give an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Family Fortunes - Review and Giveaway

We have all grown up watching Family Fortunes. Whether that was when we were a child and watching it with our parents, or watching it now that we are parents! It's a show that has obviously got the right mix to last all these years!


Over Christmas we have been playing the board game version of Family Fortunes. The current show is hosted by Vernon Kaye, so why not take on the role of Vernon and become the host?  The Family Fortunes Board Game by Drumond Park is loads of fun and really gets the whole family working together as a team, with hilarious results!

The box comes with 300 questions, a dry marker, a wipeable board and an electronic buzzer (so teams can buzz in first). The buzzer even has batteries included, so instant gaming!

The aim of the game is to answer the question with the top 5 answers. If you and your team give 3 incorrect answers, then the other team can 'steal' the points if they can give just one correct answer.

After three rounds, you move onto two rounds of double points. After this, the team with the lowest points selects two of their players to answer five quick-fire questions. The other team then answer the same quick-fire questions and once finished the host adds up the total scores to see who has won.

This whole process can take a little time, but everyone really gets into in.  In my opinion its better to have a game where everyone can get involved and last a little longer, rather than a short game.

Some of the questions are a little head-scratching, but you just have realise that some people don't answer the questions in the way you would answer them!

The board game suggests an age of 8, but my son, who is 6, loves to play this.  He sometimes takes on the role of the host (so improving his reading and confidence skills) and sometimes he answers questions, with surprising answers!

Overall, this is a great game.  We have played it a number of times over Christmas and it definitely won't be staying in the box. Our Sunday family get-together will have  Family Fortunes game included. It is a winner in our house! The game is RRP £19.99 and it's well worth it (not just in quality, but also in playability).

Giveaway: one lucky reader has the chance of winning a Family Fortunes game for themselves.  To be in with a chance of winning simply complete the form below.  Good luck!

Family Fortunes giveaway

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review, but all opinions and views expressed are my own.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Teletubbies - exciting news!

I have some exciting news, which I wanted to share with you all (although, it is very top secret, so you will have to wait a few more days for the full reveal!)

I've received this exciting box full of amazing Teletubbies goodies, which I will be revealing on 11th January 2016. 

Stay tuned - all will be revealed on 11th January!

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Breakfast with Santa - Wyevale Garden Centre

As some of you know, I wrote a post about our forthcoming visit to Wyevale Garden Centre to have a festive breakfast and meet Father Christmas. You can read it here.
I have to say, we have all been really looking forward to this, and it really didn't disappoint.
We got the Wyevale, just before our booking time, as the confirmation says to get there about 15mins early to be seated.  We got to the centre and our festive table was all ready, with crackers and table settings and table names.  It was really lovely.  The staff were amazing too, very friendly and great attention to detail. They engaged with the children (and adults!) and their customer service was spot on.
The children had their own little box of goodies laid out (their Christmas tree cookie, which they needed to decorate). They also had an activity sheet which kept them entertained whilst our breakfast was being made.

The staff came around with the drinks and before we knew it the food was arriving, hot and fresh.  We had ordered a full English style for my husband, I had a vegetarian option and my two boys had the children's breakfast.
Man's breakfast!

Children's breakfast
Vegetarian breakfast
The breakfast was very lovely and the staff came round to top your drinks up. I could
tell they were busy, but it didn't feel too bad.
Then, out of the corner of our eye, we spotted Santa.  He was so lovely. Very friendly to everyone and he came to every table and personally spoke to each child and family.  It was a lovely experience.
Once Father Christmas had been around to each table, he disappeared to his Grotto.  We finished our breakfasts and was called to go to the Grotto.  Inside the Grotto, was Santa and his little helper. The Grotto was a proper Grotto, decked out with amazing toys for boys and girls. Father Christmas, again, spoke to my boys and asked them a few questions.  They were well behaved for him (I wish I could take him home permanently!).  Father Christmas then let the boys choose any one of the toys to take home.  The range of toys were amazing, the best I've seen in any Grotto.  I was expecting the usual chocolate bar, but these were great. No wonder it took my two a little while to choose one.  They both opted for the dinosaur excavation kit. 

We absolutely loved our experience at Wyevale.  You could tell that the staff were a little anxious, but they were really attentive.  One of the staff said there were nearly 100 people who were there for the festive breakfast.  It really didn't feel that many and they made everyone feel really comfortable. 

I would really recommend this.  The breakfast cost for children is £9.99 which includes the breakfast, Father Christmas meeting, present, cookie decorating and activities. As I said, the present is a really good one and the children enjoyed their experience.  Also, the garden centre itself is also a great visit and treat for the children.

All-in-all, a great start to the festive season!

Book online for your tickets to meet Father Christmas at a Wyevale Garden Centre near you.

Disclaimer: I was given tickets to attend this event.  All views and opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Costumes from Fun Warehouse - Review

Image result for logo

Dressing up is a natural and exciting part of growing up.  Kids love going to parties dressed as their favourite characters, or even messing around at home pretending to be Superman, Batman or a Princess!

Why should that feeling be any different when we become adults?  Well it shouldn't, we are all big kids inside! So we were delighted to test out some adult Halloween costumes from Fun Warehouse .

Fun Warehouse have a great selection of affordable costumes.  This is paramount when there are so many parties (for adults and children) where a costume is required.  When it comes to children, you want something affordable, durable and fun.  The website has a huge selection, so you'll always find something to fit. Also, when you have children and you are going to a fancy dress party you don't want to be wearing any risque or too scary.  Fun Warehouse caters for all occasions and circumstances.

Halloween is a time we can let go and get a bit creative. The last few years I have dressed as a witch and my husband has been the usual standard vampire. I chose a Ghost Ship Shipwrecked Sweetie Costume and my husband chose a Gothic Count costume to try out.

Both costumes are great, well made, a great fit (not too tight) and they aren't tacky at all. You can dress them up as much or as little as you want.  My husband first tried his on and was letting me take pictures and then, he ran off to get his wig, which he said "makes the outfit perfect".  I think he secretly enjoys dressing up! What do you think?


The website is really easy to use and navigate around.  The pictures show a true representation of the costume and fitting is quite accurate (e.g a size 12 would fit a size 12!)

Fun Warehouse has an extensive range of costumes for all occasions (Halloween, themed nights out, Christmas etc) for both adults and children. The prices are very reasonable.  I even saw the same skeleton dress for less than I paid for it from another website (gutted!).

I would recommend this website as there is something for all occasions and tastes and very reasonable prices, many with added discounts.

Check out their site:

Disclaimer:  I was sent some costumes to review.  This has not influenced my post and all views and opinions are my own.