Monday, 25 April 2016

Fab shoes at Clarks Press Day AW16

I was so excited last week, as I had been invited to the Clarks Press Day, showcasing their AW16 ranges.

I'm a sucker for shoes and Clarks are the no.1 shoe range who we all trust, as they are known for their comfort and reliability. 

Did you also know they are leaders in technology - shoe technology! That's why they are so good, we trust them to do all the research and development so we can have amazing shoes to step out in style with!

Here are some of their new AW16 ranges.  There are classics mixed with a modern edge, as well as practical winter boots, perfect for later on in the year.  My highlight has to be the kids range. A real sports trainer (which is what I have been waiting for from Clarks), which can be put in the wash to keep them fresher for longer!  I totally love them, have a look....


My favourites! Wish they came in adults sizes!

Clarks AW16 range ticks all the boxes.  You have great style, with comfort and cutting edge design. The kids range are, as usual, perfect for growing feet. Not only do I love them, but my boys can't wait to get their hands (or feet!) on the trainers.

Disclaimer: I was invited to the Clarks Press Day. I was under no obligation to write this post. All opinions and views expressed are my own.

A Smart Home is a Panasonic home

The security of your home is very important.  Long ago (and sometimes it feels like a distant land) we could leave windows / doors open and have no worries.

Unfortunately, those days are long gone. You do that now and you are inviting a whole heap of trouble to your doorstep. Also if you have children / pets in the home you would like your home to be safe and secure whilst they are inside.

I guess the immediate response to securing your home is to get a traditional alarm. Many of you may not know but there is are more technologically advanced products which are readily available to everyone.

The Panasonic Smart Home doesn't just secure your home whilst you are away, but also whilst you are sleeping or even in the garden. It keeps your home safe whilst you are away and helps makes your life more comfortable whilst at home.
The Smart Home is a home monitoring and control system with simple installation and easy operation.
Whether you use it to monitor your home while you are away, or simply to switch your appliances on & off automatically, it gives you the ability to monitor and control your home from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.
There is no monthly subscription fee to run the system, and our wide range of optional accessories enables you to extend the system to suit your needs.

The Panasonic Home Monitoring and Control Kit allows you to keep an eye on your home even whilst you are out. All devices are monitored wirelessley. The range includes:

  • Window sensor
  • Motion sensor
  • Indoor camera
  • Outdoor camera
  • Smart plug
  • Siren
The outdoor camera is a great feature. As it monitors all movement (as a usual camera), but with the addition that you can talk to the person at the front door, without actually having to open the door!  Watch this video to see it in action - it is awesome!

The Panasonic Smart Home range gives real peace of mind to securing your home as well as introduces you to new levels of comfort which you thought were only for the Sci-Fi movies!  These are really exciting products and a real alternative to traditional forms of home security. Be the talk of your road - everyone will want to try out the talking camera or the motion sensor lights!

Collaborative post

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Primary school places announced

Last year we were all stressed filling in forms, getting in the correct paperwork, countersigning documents, panic setting in, deadlines looming!

You hand the forms in and then reeeelax!

It's just a case of waiting for your child's school place to be announced.

This week, our borough send out text messages to parents to let them know what school their little cherubs got into.

For some reason, I had completely forgotten about this. Why? How?

I remember when it was my first child's announcement I was eagerly waiting. Hitting that refresh button every few minutes.

This time round I've let it slip my mind.

Maybe because I had only applied to one school. Maybe because he has no other option.
Those are all valid points but that doesn't guarantee him a place.

Who else forgot about the admission announcement and how did you get on?

Good luck everyone, I hope your little ones get into the preferred schools.

Friday, 15 April 2016

How is your life at the moment?

Easter wasn't that long ago, was it?

It feels like a lifetime for me. Only because I feel like I haven't stopped to take a breathe since before Easter!

The week of Easter was my eldest son's birthday (well birthday party no.1). Then I had to organise Easter day, then the following week was my son's birthday party no.2! .

Then it was our wedding anniversary, so organised something and getting cards and gifts.

Now this weekend it is my husband's birthday and foolishly I'm organising a surprise party for him and then going out the following day for his actual birthday!

All whilst working, looking after the kids and getting tonsillitis last week!

I'm pooped! Anyone want to have my life for the next few weeks?! 
Roll on May Day bank holiday! 

Has anyone else got so much to do in such a short space of time?  We need more hours in the day!

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Has anyone been to been to Vegas?

I have a special birthday coming up later this year and last year (when it was my not-so-special birthday!) I decided that I wanted to go to Vegas!

Sin City!

Since December we have been trawling the Internet looking for flights, trying to find the best deals. We are very excited. We've even opened the holiday to anyone who wants to come and a few friends are looking into it it could be a group of us going - even more exciting!

The dilemma we have now is where to stay! We have been debating and debating. Should we splash out and stay at the Bellagio (which is a 5* hotel) or stay at New York New York (which is 4*). 

There is obviously a price difference between the two, around £500 between us. We have talked ourselves into splashing out and talked ourselves out of it again.  We seem to be going around in circles.

The pro's about staying at the Bellagio are that it's a once in a lifetime trip, it's a special occasion, we deserve it and it will be pure luxury.

The cons against staying would be it's a lot of money for a little extra space, there's nothing wrong with the other hotel,  we won't be staying in the room much as we will be out most of the time, we won't only be doing things around that hotel so it doesn't matter that it's central, we could put that £500 on a table and win big and buy the whole hotel with our winnings!

What do you think we should do? High-life or mid - high life?! 

Monday, 11 April 2016

Post Easter holiday blues

So, the first day back at school after the Easter holidays loomed.

Sunday afternoon hit, I thought I would start getting organised for the dreaded Monday morning.

Clothes ironed, check.
School bags ordered, check.
Water bottles found, check.
P.E kits ironed and packed, check.

I was a machine! I'd won!

I was so proud.

Monday morning came. Kids got ready, I got ready.

Biked out the door, helmets on, uniforms on and everyone was neat and tidy.

Left the house, only a few mins late. Still winning!

Half way to school, realised I had left the P.E kits and left the water bottles!

Super mum turned into super fail!

Who else messed up this morning?!


Sunday, 10 April 2016

Schleich Wild Life range - Review

Get up close and personal with Schleich's range of Wild Life products.

Schleich are renowned for producing authentic and authentic pieces which are hand painted with care. This dedication shows in the quality and likeness of all the animals created. They really look amazing.

For 2016, Schleich, has divided its themed play world Wild Life into four habitats: Safari, Ice & Ocean, Jungle and Forest. We were delighted to receive products from The Safari and Ice & Ocean play worlds to play with. The ranges are all aimed at pre-schoolers, but I think older children would still find these fascinating. Especially ones who are into wildlife.

Ice & Ocean range
We received the shark set which contains three of the most dangerous sharks; The white shark, the blue shark, and the tiger shark.

The three sharks came in a cardboard box (with the sharks placed in plastic moulds inside). Inside the box there was an ocean scenery which can be used whilst playing with the sharks.

These sharks are very life like (I've watched lots of  wildlife documentaries!). They are well made and give the children lots of chances for role playing and 'eating' swimmers!

Safari range
We were sent the Lion Cave set to play with.  The box is quite large as it has the 'stone' cave (which needs to be assembled) and the base plate. The cave is in two parts which needs to be pushed together and then placed on the desert floor (the cave is pushed in to the floor so it won't move around). There are also desert plants which can be placed around the cave.  The lioness also has some remains from a previous kill - a real looking animal bone!

There is also a desert lioness, which is using the cave as shade, away from the scorching sun, before she goes out to hunt.

This playset is quite impressive and the children all went "wow" when they saw it.  The lion is very realistic. With all features included (whiskers, pink mouth, even the underbelly with teats).

As you can see with this final picture, the children's imagination was on overdrive, as they got their other Schleich dinosaurs to try and attach the lioness.  I didn't stay to watch the carnage! But it proves that the playset does indeed get their imaginations racing!

The Schleich range of toys are diverse and life like. All children are fascinated by them and love to play with them. They are so well made that you know they will last and last and also be a great addition to those avid wild life collectors out there!

The Lion Cave and Shark set are available from all good toy retailers.  RRP £9.99 - £16.99.

Disclaimer: These products where given to me to review. All opinions expressed are all my own and have not been influenced.